Incentive to signal a friend - Terms and conditions

SportimeWorld - Incentive for the reporting of a friend - Terms and conditions

Refer a friend is an effective way to let others know and give them the opportunity to take advantage of the many offers that offers daily.


Holders of an account on can ...

• Report any number of friends. Friends reported must not have made an order, or have been produced by SportimeWorld free earlier.
• be holders of only one account (which should not have presented problems in the past) and, of course, can not report yourself!

Friends reported can ...

• Register of marked as friends if they have never done (or paid for) an order. I can start reporting their friends as soon as they have an account.


When reporting friends, holders of an account SportimeWorld ...

• They receive a coupon of 5.00 € on your account when the referred friend makes their first purchase.

Friends reported

• They receive a coupon of 5.00 € when making payment of the first order (excluding shipping, gift certificates and any taxes).
• They have access to clicking the link signaling that received by e-mail.

About SportimeWorld ...

• Coupons are SportimeWorld discounts that apply to user accounts (can not be exchanged for cash but only scaled and redeemed for an order).
• They can be used for all products on the, but not for shipping, good gifts or any taxes.
• They are valid for 12 months without purchases. When an order is placed, the coupon is being scaled and updated automatically for another 12 months.
• The coupons can not be transferred to others.
• They remain the property of SportimeWorld.

What if...

• If a friend reported cancel your order? SportimeWorld reclaim the couon paid to the account holder who reported his friend.
• Someone close your account? Any coupon residues return to SportimeWorld.
• SportimeWorld decides to give a coupon or to apply exceptions to the Terms and Conditions? It is a rare event and the terms and conditions remain unchanged for all other cases.
• The rules or incentives remain unchanged or become invalid? This is an infrequent event, but which may occur. If this happens, SportimeWorld bring changes here.
• The rules are not followed? Unfortunately they have to lose all and, if necessary, SportimeWorld will close the account of those who have broken the rules. Moreover, SportimeWorld has the right to terminate the program of incentives for the reporting of a friend at any time.
• There are concerns about their privacy? The incentive program for the signaling of a friend is subject to the Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions of our website, which guarantee the safety of all users.

You are now starting to report friends and earn SportimeWorld!