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The service is provided by Paypal and PayPlug and is guaranteed to be buying both the banking security of the data. For more information on the service please visit or

Payment methods

During the completion of the order, you can choose from the following options:
- Bank Transfer / Prepayment postal
- Postapay
- Advance postal money order made out to Litrico Lorenzo Cutore via Emanuele, 66 95030 Gravina di Catania (CT)
- Cash * (the courier only accepts cash)
- Online Credit Card
- PayPlug
- Withdrawal in the (retires in store Cutore Via Emanuele, 66 95030 Gravina di Catania)

* The label is subject to a surcharge of 1.5% of the amount to be paid with the minimum of € 5.90 tax included

Shipping Italy from € 6.90.
Enter the items into cart and view the cost of shipping.

Free shipping only to Italy

You will receive free shipping of all your order, if your order will amount greater than 150 € or if one of the products in the shopping cart has the appropriate endorsement on the product "Free Shipping". In this case, you can also buy more products, and these you will always be sent with free shipping.
Warning that some products such as seals cancel free shipment. To avoid this, just do not buy them.

Shipping and delivery times

The order is normally put into production within 2-30 working days, and not just receive the payment, and delivered according to the following schedule:

2-3 working days for Italy, except for Sicily and Calabria who are 1-2 working days and 2-5 working days for Sardinia and the smaller islands. For overseas delivery times ranging from 2 to 15 days depending on the destination.