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  • Ermes
  • HUNT Tecnology

    RoiSub System: the Made in Italy revolutionizing sub-rifles

    Roisub was born from the passion of Roisub Roisub, the owner and inventor of Davide Roi, who decides to revolutionize and improve rifle rifles by constructing several Roller, Vela / Paranchi, Invert, etc. solutions. But all of these systems had some advantages and defects . In particular, problems of constructive complexity and the greater complexity of setting and use at sea.

    This system was baptized as "Fusion" as it is in all respects the melting of a traditional arbalete with wires and pulleys.

    The Fusion System consists of a pair of upper tires (which are attached to the rod) are connected to a dyneema that rotates on the pulleys.
    The Dyneema is connected to a secondary elastic system that contracts in the direction of the handle. The elastic secondary system may consist of one or more pairs of tires that can work directly or work in a demolition (connected to a pair of blocks).

    From the Fusion System, there have been several evolutions, such as Fusion K Demo 2 and Demo 3 Shark.

    From SportimeWorld you will find all Roisub System products at the best prices.

    Get advice from our staff that will help you in choosing Roysub settings. Our Roisub Authorized Service Center will modify your old rifle rifle in a new Roisub Rifle. We take your rifle free of charge to your home and modify it in a Roisub Fusion K Demo 2 or just Fusion 2.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about Roisub Systems.

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  • Phoseidon
  • Carbonio GFT

    Carbon GFT pursues the continuous improvement of the quality of the service offered through the search for procedures
    that guarantee efficiency and effectiveness to their activity.

    Technology & Art

    CarbonioGFT was born from the union of two "young people" who, working in an aerospace company, acquired decades of experience in the processing of the composite, asking them what would happen if they used the same rigid processes and materials used to build structural parts (critical part) of aircraft, to achieve less critical details.


    CarbonioGFT constitutes a written agreement to those who place their trust in them, on the quality of services to achieve the priority objective of its policy, which has always been and is, the full satisfaction of the needs of its customers.


    The contents of CarbonioGFT are inspired by some of the fundamental principles contained in the Directive of the President of the Council and Ministers of 27.01.1994 (on "Principles on the questioning of public services")


    CarbonioGFT is committed to guaranteeing equality of treatment in the offer of services to users.


    CarbonGFT in order to ensure a better service delivery, for a more and more full compliance with the needs of users, carefully evaluates any indication, suggestion or proposal coming from the users themselves.


    Carbon GFT pursues the continuous improvement of the quality of the service offered through the research procedures that guarantee efficiency and effectiveness to its activity.


    Assistance, information, hospitality and courtesy are the most important elements for users to evaluate the formal quality of the service and represent a commitment for CarbonioGFT to do even better.

    CarbonioGFT in fact, aware of the fact that listening to the client, providing explanations in a comprehensible language, treating it with kindness, education and respect are necessary actions to offer good service, has always paid particular attention to improving information and facilitating access to the services offered by setting up the ASSISTANCE SERVICE with its own DESIGNATED RESIDE.


    Reliability, timeliness, transparency and flexibility are the most significant elements for evaluating the substantial quality of the service.

    The commitment of Carbonio GFT is to improve performance in terms of correctness and punctuality, as well as ensuring the transparency of its activities, making available to users who request specific parts of their technical documents.

    CarbonioGFT was founded in 2008, it is imposed in the world market in a few years, inserting a new generation of fins in advanced composites using pre-coated materials with certified resin per square centimeter and having ownership of the same, in 2012 inserts H.F. (hot forming) to eliminate all the pretensions of the yarn, bets in technology, design and art, creating an easily tangible and recognizable union.
    Carbonio GFT 2018 bet again in technology by inserting the first nano-technological fins.

    News 2018

    Exclusive collaboration agreement with Nano-Tech, an Italian company specialized in research and development of nano technologies for application on polymers and, indeed, composite materials such as carbon.

    Thanks to nano technologies, composite materials can be more efficient, resistant, and can reduce vibration and delamination of the fibers.

    NEW Technology!
    NEW Form!
    NEW Performance!

  • Cressi

    Cressi Sub: Made in Italy that revolutionizes the history of freediving Fishing

    Cressi Sub is the company of underwater older than the existing ones: officially dates back to 1946 , when Egidio and Nanni Cressi founded it, but already some years before, in 1938 , they had started producing on a small scale .

    In 1947 he built the first closed circuit breathing apparatus.

    Between 1952 and 1953 they are created thanks to the collaboration of Luigi Ferraro (not yet become president of Technisub ) the diving mask Pinocchio and the fins Swallow .

    In 1957, the Aro AR57B oxygen breathing apparatus was built, which immediately became part of the Italian armed forces, divers of the Fire Brigade and diving schools.

    In 1980 a branch is opened in Nice.

    In 1990 branches are opened in Spain and the United States.

    In 2005 Cressi Sub sponsored the "Mizar" expedition for the exploration of the Italian cruiser Armando Diaz in the Sicilian Channel.

    In 2007 Cressi Sub sponsored the "Altair" expedition for the exploration of the English cruiser HMS Manchester and to track down the Italian cruiserAlberto di Giussano.

    At SportimeWorld you will find all Cressi Sub products always at the best prices.
    Ask our staff for advice to help you choose Cressi computers.
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